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3 reasons why Pat Oliphant is amazing

Universal Uclick’s Dave Coates has posted a third gallery of great cartoons by editorial cartoonist Pat Oliphant and offers three reasons why Pat “has a few advantages over most satirists”.

Dave’s third reason:

3) Harnessing the first two advantages, he is both willing and able to go beyond the usual eye-rolling, exasperated tone of “there they go again” clucks offered by many of his contemporaries and proceed to smash the Big Guys in the teeth with a pool ball, if only to wipe the smile off their faces.

Number three references numbers one and two – head over to the GoComics blog to check out Pat’s work and read Dave’s piece.

Community Comments

#1 Gerry Mooney
@ 8:28 am

He is absolutely a national institution. Great work and great to be reminded of it.

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