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Spider-man arrested for convenience store robbery

A University of Pittsburgh student was arrested this early this morning after robbing a convenience store dressed in a Spider-Man costume. By the reports from the local media (see video below), the caper didn’t work out so well for the faux web-head. He was tased by the convenience store clerk and arrested a block away by police.

Source: WPXI News

Community Comments

#1 Robert Halstead
@ 7:28 am

Should have chosen a Superman costume, dummy. Tasers would not have had any effect on you. And you would be free right now. FREE! To study and get good grades. And become a fine upstanding young citizen. Or not.

#2 Pete McDonnell
@ 3:27 pm

Why didn’t ol’ webhead just take some pictures of himself robbing the store and sell them to the Daily Bugle? “Mr. Jameson, these pix are front page material! The Wallcrawler’s stooping to petty theft! Now can I have that raise?”

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