Jeff Millar, co-creator of Tank McNamara, passes at age 70

Jeff Millar, retired Houston Chronicle film critic, humor columnist and co-creator of comic strip Tank McNamara, passed away last Friday after a four year battle with biliary cancer. He was 70 years old.

He met up with a local illustrator, Bill Hinds, in 1974 and the two launched Tank McNamara – a satirical comic strip that poked fun of American sports and sports fans. The strip runs in about 300 papers nationwide.

Jeff Millar and Bill Hinds

Bill tells me that losing Jeff is more than just a friend – their collaboration spanned 38 years. “I miss him like a brother. His bewilderment was comforting in a crazy world.” Bill noted that even during Jeff’s later years suffering through cancer treatment, he was still able to write a funny comic strip.

Bill took over the writing duties a couple of months ago. “That hasn’t been hard for me – I’ve had 38 years of on the job training,” he says.

Here’s the family’s official biography, and the notice from The Houston Chronicle.

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  1. As far as can currently be determined Jeff Millar and Bill Hinds, at 38 years and 2 months on Tank, hold the record for
    “The longest running collaboration by original
    creators of an American newspaper comic strip.”
    And that record may very well extend beyond newspaper comics and U.S. borders.

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