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Lynch: Chris Hayes Show didn’t compensate cartoonist

Mike Lynch noticed an uncredited cartoon that appeared during MSNBC’s UP WITH CHRIS HAYES yesterday and tracked down the cartoon to Lian Amaris. A quick tweet to Lian and a response back confirmed that that the cartoon was used without her knowledge and compensation.

Mike writes:

If someone puts one of my cartoons on their Facebook page or on a chat board without asking, then that is OK with me. It’s the equivalent of taping a cartoon up in your break room or inside your locker.

But when a company or individual takes my images without asking for their own business purposes, that’s not fair use.

On the UP WITH CHRIS HAYES show, Chris is paid, the guests are paid, the people who run the cameras, light the set, direct the show are all paid. All of the content you see is compensated … except, this past Sunday, for the cartoonist.

Hopefully someone with the UP WITH CHRIS HAYES show can be contacted and Lian can be compensated for the use of her work.

UPDATE: Chris Hayes has responded to Tweets by Mike and Tom Tomorrow stating that they did credit Lian.

Community Comments

#1 Keith Brown
@ 12:45 pm

Out if curiosity, how much compensation from could a cartoonist expect from the likes of a network like MSNBC?

#2 Paul Fell
@ 3:22 pm

Compensation??? For a cartoonist??? Just think of all the
EXPOSURE he’ll be getting. If someone told you something like that right after they broke into your house and stole your flat screen TV your head would explode.

It amazes me but doesn’t surprise me that people who should know better still expect to rip off the work of cartoonists and other artists.

#3 Kat Ruhl
@ 3:44 pm

So…they did credit her but they couldn’t be bothered to ask for permission before using her work and I get the feeling she’ll never be compensated either.

It’s so wonderful being an artist in a world that respects the craft so much ><

#4 Keith Brown
@ 4:04 pm

I’ve always noticed that people love my work until I want to get paid for it. I actually gave up an editorial cartooning gig after a year believe it or not. It was one a week but when they went to color they didn’t want to offer me any more even though it was more work.They were so excited when they went to color and thought I should be as well. $25 bucks each but I was hemmed in to only local issues which was boring the hell outta me and most issues were revolving so I felt there was only so much I could do. So there you have it. A cartoonist who actually gave up a gig. I really don’t miss it and will try some other things.

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