Conservatives getting whipped into a lather over misrepresented historical cartoon

Some in conservatives circles are using an historical propaganda cartoon used in a Iowa classroom as rhetoric to end “the government monopoly on education” because it supports the teaching of communism. The cartoon contrasts capitalism and communism (above) and depicts individuals in capitalism as shackled and their money going to rich, fat bosses while those living in communism having their money returned to them. The problem is that the cartoon was never taught in a lesson about economic models but during a broader lesson on propaganda and the Cold War.

The school has posted the full flier online “so that people can see the complete document for themselves” and explains:

Furthermore, the class, 20th Century History, was studying the Cold War and propaganda, looking at some of the arguments both sides made about why their system was best on a range of topics, including their economies. The handout simply highlights the differences between capitalism and communism, and some of the arguments made during the period of the Cold War.

8 thoughts on “Conservatives getting whipped into a lather over misrepresented historical cartoon

  1. They should replace the fat cat capitalist for a fat cat communist party leader to make it an accurate representation on communism.


    Wow. That’s some Onion worthy headline writing, AG.
    And you’re right, MP. It is nice to see schools doing something other than teaching kids LGBT History, how to put a condom on a cucumber and altering test scores.

    Conservatives = “knuckle-draggers”
    School choice = Tea Baggers
    BHO opposition = racists
    Jared Lee Loughner = Sarah Palin
    Planned Parenthood = #1 abortion provider
    -wait that last one’s accurate.

  3. Touche’. I can hear Homer, “mmmmm, lathery conservatives…”
    Southern version is “panties in a wad” but I get the gist. Let me try:

    “LIBERALS SO (fill in liberal hissy fit du jour) YOU COULDN’T FIRE A BULLET UP THEIR A$$”

  4. If you look at the original document, you’ll see that this isn’t even a cartoon–it’s a crudely-drawn illustration on a handout that’s been xeroxed at least a million times, which I’ll bet some right wing mom with a lot of time on her hands dug out of the bottom of her 6th grader’s backpack. Kind of makes you wonder what conservatives WON’T get hysterical about. Maybe they’re just hysterical by default.

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