NCS announces call for entry for division awards

In addition to the creation of a new online comic strip category, the National Cartoonists Society has announced their annual call for entries for their 15 division awards.

The division categories include: Television Animation, Feature Animation, Newspaper Illustration, Gag Cartoons, Greeting Cards, Newspaper Comic Strips, Newspaper Panel Cartoons, Magazine Feature/Magazine Illustration, Book Illustration, Editorial Cartoons, Advertising Illustration, Comic Books, Graphic Novels and On-Line Comic Strips.

Entries are due by February 6, 2012. Details on where to send the entries are listed at NCS President Tom Richmond’s blog. You don’t have to be a member to enter, but you do have to meet their membership requirements to win. Winners will be announced at the NCS 66th Annual Reuben Awards Dinner in Henderson NV on Memorial Day weekend 2012.

4 thoughts on “NCS announces call for entry for division awards

  1. Some of these categories seem like they could be retired. Do the animation folks ever show up? And I have to wonder how many submissions advertising illustration gets.

    Also, if it were up to me I’d take newspaper comics strips, newspaper panel cartoons and gag cartoons and put them all into a single “periodical cartoon” (or something) category.

  2. Hey, there, Mr Anderson, don’t go knocking the animation folk, now. In recent years, Tom Sito’s been there, David Silverman, Mo Willems, Tom Gammill, a Bancroft or two, Glen Keane & Eric Goldberg, just to name a few, and there’s at least one lowly & humble commercial animator/director (myself) as well as several who direct, work in storyboarding, story & character design and in the general animation field.

  3. Oh goodness, I’m certainly not knocking anyone. I’ve only been to the one Reubens and wasn’t sure if animation folks really took note of them. There’s gotta be all sorts of animation award things I’m thinking, so I was just wondering if the Reubens was on animation’s collective radar. That’s all.

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