Counting down to Success in Cartooning seminar

Just a reminder that we’re a few weeks away from Success in the World of Comics Seminar (February 25-26) in Vegas put on by the Tundra marketing genius Bill Kellogg and creator Chad Carpenter. If you didn’t attend the first you can read my notes here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. It was a highly informative and inspirational seminar. Because it’s a small setting there are plenty of opportunities to network and talk one on one with presenters and other guests either during the seminar hours or the evening socials in the hospitality suite. If you attended the first seminar, there is special pricing available. Contact Bill ( if you’re a returning guest.

The presenters this year come with a reservoir of industry knowledge so come with lots of questions. Here are the presenters:

  • Chad Carpenter, creator of Tundra and Bill Kellogg, founder of Ink Bottle Syndicate and marketing genius behind Tundra
  • Tom Gammill, The Doozies and Mell Lazarus Miss Peach and Momma
  • Jack Newcombe, President and COO of Creators Syndicate
  • Adrian Raeside, The Other Coast
  • Mark Parisi and Lynn Reznick, off the mark
  • John Read, Publisher of “Stay Tooned!”
  • Mason Mastroianni, BC
  • Danielle Corsetto, Girls With Slingshots
  • Debbra Abeyta, previously with Western Color and now with Vertis – to talk about pagination
  • Rob Tornoe, sports & editorial cartoonist and publisher of Punchline magazine

Disclosure: I’m listed as a special guest (but not the speaking kind – whew!).

3 thoughts on “Counting down to Success in Cartooning seminar

  1. I’ll be there again this year. The quality and knowledge of the speakers they had last time, and the line-up they have this time is just mid-boggling. Honestly–if you can spare the time and the modest cost–everyone who wants to learn how to be a paid cartoonist should attend the seminar. Plus, how often do you get to write off a weekend in Vegas as a business trip? :OP

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