Norm Feuti’s Gil launched yesterday

Norm Feuti and King Features Syndicate launched Gil yesterday. The strip dates back to 2008 when Norm ran it as a webcomic after a first round of rejections by syndicates. After a couple of other submissions, Norm resubmitted the strip to King and was green lighted for a launch.

From USA Today:

“I don’t think the situation will be all that alien to readers,” says writer and artist Norm Feuti, who was raised with his sister in a broken home. “It’s a very personal strip to me, but not 100% autobiographical. The overall message is that sense of wonder and optimism of being a kid, no matter the circumstances.”

A great strip for sure. Best of luck Norm!

7 thoughts on “Norm Feuti’s Gil launched yesterday

  1. “Gil” is a welcome addition to my Daily Ink subscription. I hope (and will be watching to see if) King Features is as aggressive selling Norm’s new strip as they were with Steve Kelley & Jeff Parker’s “Dustin.”

  2. Hooooorraaay for Norm !! Congrats! This only goes to show how persistence and hard work can really pay off. Your journey of getting Gil syndicated is one of inspiration for beginners like me. Wishing you all the best! Good luck!

  3. you are the man Norm! congratulations!!! two syndicated comics! thats exactly what i would like to do. hopefully i can make my dream come true like you! Now back to drawing.

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