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Apple’s Newsstand causes surge in newspaper app downloads

Poynter reports that the release of the latest operating system (iOS 5) for Apple’s iPad and iPhone has caused a surge downloads for newspapers. The new OS comes with a new app called Newsstand where users can subscribe to magazines and newspapers. One of the examples cited was the NYTimes app which saw 189,000 new downloads compared to 27,000 the week before.

Newsstand has its own section of the iTunes App Store, which makes it easier for niche and obscure publishers to find their audiences. That’s helpful, but I expect the benefit will diminish over time as the 286 current Newsstand apps are joined by hundreds or thousands more.

Newsstand collects all your publications in one place, instead of scattering icons across multiple home screens. It also enables apps to download fresh content “in the background,” so it’s already there before a user opens an app.

It should be noted that downloads don’t always equate to subscriptions.

Community Comments

#1 David Jones
@ 11:20 am

App, app and away! I really think a good comic strip app is a potential money maker if done correctly with advertisers. I sure would love to finally make me some money on my strip!!!

It would be cool to have the app set for paying artist per view out of the advertising revenue. Is this being done yet? I see a few on the Android market but I have a feeling that they are just stealing our work…. Well not OUR work, they don’t use my strip! lol…. I’ve emailed them several inquiries but never get a response……

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