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Check out: Feuti’s drawing, inking process

Brendan Bufford and Norm Feuti have posted another installment covering the road to syndication for Norm’s Gil strip. Today they cover the drawing and inking process.

My other strip, RETAIL, is created the same way, with two exceptions. I use a computer font to create the lettering for RETAIL, and I use a halftone fill for shading. Interestingly, I perceived using a font and halftone as timesaving tricks early on in my career, but now I only find them to be work-saving tricks. While it?s certainly easier to create some things in Photoshop, it isn?t always faster. I actually spend less time hand-lettering a GIL strip, than I do typing/formatting text before and after the fact for a RETAIL comic.

Community Comments

#1 Daniel Boris
@ 11:25 am

Again, REALLY enjoying this series! Thanks again Brendan and Norm!

#2 Chris Hart
@ 2:10 pm

I just bought a Kuretake Brush Pen when I found out Jonathan Lemon uses them. I still like the Winsor Newton Series 7s better, but the Kuretake is useful for sketching on the road.

I always love reading about a cartoonist’s process!

#3 Nancy Roy
@ 8:48 am

I just found this blog thanks to Dailycartoonist – and it is really informative. Thanks for imforming us on all the happenings in the industry!

#4 Michael Corley
@ 11:23 am

I always lovewatching someone else’s process.

@ 6:07 pm

Good stuff !

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