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Philly papers cut at least 10+ comics

The Philadelphia Daily News and The Inquirer have allegedly cut at least 10 comics between them and raised the newsstand price of their paper. According to, the Inquirer has cut Sally Forth, Overboard, Non Sequitur, Hagar the Horrible, Rex Morgan M.D., Ziggy, and Lio. In the Sunday edition, they also removed Dilbert. The Daily News cut Family Tree, Candorville among others.

Community Comments

#1 Terry LaBan
@ 8:55 am

It’s not “alleged”–they really did it!

#2 C. Hart
@ 10:27 am

The NY Daily News, the paper by me, cut a huge chunk of their comics recently.

The internet and the economy are the two important factors in the cuts.

#3 Larry Levine
@ 11:12 am

I don’t know to be sad or sickened.

#4 Daniel Boris
@ 11:18 am

I’d go with sickened, Larry…

#5 Graham Nolan
@ 11:18 am

That bites.

#6 Bob Andelman
@ 1:51 pm

Such a broad assortment of strips, too. I imagine that move sent shudders through many a cartoonist and syndicate salesperson.

#7 Rob Tornoe
@ 3:00 pm

Tom Spurgeon:

“It seems to me, and this is just a hunch, that there’s such a massive disconnect between readers and the newspapers now that almost anything can be done on the comics page without passionate reprisal. Where 30 years ago dropping what the newsroom considered a paper’s least significant comic would trigger a flurry of letters and phone calls, now people just shrug their shoulders and, over time, read fewer papers.”

If editors weren’t so scared, it could actually be a positive thing.

Without fear of reprisals from angry readers, they could remove legacy strips and lame comics that have long outlived their relevance, and replace them with new, cool, different strips that could have a better chance connecting with readers.

#8 Darryl Heine
@ 3:06 pm

First New York, now Philadelphia!

Be glad the Philadelphia Inquirer didn’t drop Peanuts, Blondie, Garfield, and Family Circus.

#9 David Jones
@ 3:28 pm

Today, Cartoonists don’t make more money as time goes on, they actually make less and less as the years go by. Funny, I still am not discouraged in the least! Guess I am bound and determined to do this dead end dream…… lol…. Bound as in “with a straight jacket”…

#10 Keith Brown
@ 7:21 pm

David, can you spare a cup of optimism? I’m fresh out.

#11 Gar Molloy
@ 3:25 am

Just remember Keith: Making comics is really, really fun. Also, there’s money to be made in webcomics for the persistent.

#12 Vince
@ 7:49 am

Raising the price and cutting comics are two of the biggest ways to loose me as a reader. The other way was shrinking the Sunday comics to illegible size and hiding them in the back of the Comcast sponsored TV guide. When they did that, that was when the Inquirer lost me as a reader who used to buy the paper every Sunday.

#13 David Jones
@ 7:51 am

Keith, it isn’t so much optimism as it is the fact that I just absolutely LOVE drawing my strips.

#14 Keith Brown
@ 3:38 pm

That’s cool David and I respect you for that. As I stated on Facebook I’m in such a creative funk right now that I’m not having any fun. Guess I need to step off for a while although now is probably when I should be doubl
ing my efforts.

#15 Greta Garr
@ 3:43 pm

The only reason we have subscribed to the Inquirer is to read the comics. We’ve put up with missed papers, wet papers but this is to much! With such bad news in the papers these days, we need comics more than ever.

#16 donna lewis
@ 3:46 pm

Maybe newspapers could maintain their current number of strips – or increase the number – and just stop reporting on a few countries and politicians. They could let their readers decide who they’re sick of reading about.

#17 b.j. Dewey
@ 7:44 pm



#18 Milt Priggee
@ 8:49 am

Forget NEW and IMPROVED!…..newspapers believe in OLD and DIMINISHED……will retain and attract new subscribers.

#19 Terry LaBan
@ 10:47 am

@Darryl Be glad the Philadelphia Inquirer didn?t drop Peanuts, Blondie, Garfield, and Family Circus.

Or Edge City!

#20 Ken Lamb
@ 5:41 am

Woke up to find Piranha Club gone from the Sunday comics pages. They chose to keep Pickles. That just about says it all.

#21 curt hill
@ 12:21 pm

what happened to dunesbury ? why ?

the “dog” and the dog above it are insulting!


#22 Jimmy Delach
@ 8:54 pm

Did anybody not get the memo that Trudeau went on sabbatical?!? Some papers (like the Inquirer, the Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily News among the few) just won’t settle for nearly three months of reruns strips. New strips will resume on Labor Day.

#23 Jan Krzywicki
@ 5:40 am


#24 Jack Walter
@ 6:48 pm

Re the Philadelphia Inquirer “Changes to Comics”, Doonesbury doesn’t belong on the comics page anyway and the replacements, Frazz and Dogs of C-Kennel are as stupid and lacking in artistic and comedic quality as Sherman’s Lagoon, Pearls Before Swine, and Get Fuzzy. Drop this junk and make the real comics large enough for us Seniors, who are the mainstays of your circulation, to read.

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