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Al Jaffee’s The MAD Fold-In Collection released

File this one in the must-have category: The MAD Fold-In Collection: 1964-2010

Here’s Amazon’s description.

Al Jaffee’s ‘Fold-Ins’, which have graced the back page of “MAD Magazine” since 1964, have become an icon of American humour, issue after issue, year after year, each fold-in requires the reader to simply fold tab A to tab B to reveal the hidden gag- a simple idea that masks both the undeniable artistic ingenuity and comic-timing at play in Jaffee’s work. ‘The MAD Fold-In Box’ places Jaffee in his rightful place as the reigning clown prince of comic art.

Via Tom Richmond

Community Comments

#1 Stephen Bals
@ 1:47 pm

I think anything by Al Jaffee is a must-have, but does this book require folding every page? If so, it may be the first nicely printed $80 book of art that you have to mutilate.

#2 Pete McDonnell
@ 2:49 pm

Yeah, my thought exactly… print a picture of the folded-in version next to each page so you could see what the gag is without completely destroying your MAD Fold-In Box! It might help to run a commentary explaining some of the topical pieces. His fold-ins were usually based on something that was recently in the news.

#3 Jeremy Billadeau
@ 3:19 pm

It just doesn’t get any better, mutilation or not!.. =)

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