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Audio: Richard Thompson, Michael Cavna on NPR

Yesterday Cul de Sac creator Richard Thompson and Comic Riffs blogger Michael Cavna were on NPR discussing Richard’s strip and his career.


Community Comments

#1 Daniel Boris
@ 11:31 am

I do believe you are going to win a Reuben this weekend, Richard. …and you certainly deserve it! Congrats!

#2 John Read
@ 12:04 pm

My God, what’s with all the articles and interviews with this guy lately?! You’d think he’d been nominated for Cartoonist of the Year or something.

#3 Richard Thompson
@ 1:11 pm

Gah. I didn’t know it was possible to say “you know’ every 5 seconds.

#4 Jesse Cline
@ 3:55 pm

Richard, you are an inspiration. Best of luck this weekend.

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