Lynn Johnston posting weekly video podcasts

Each Wednesday, For Better or For Worse creator Lynn Johnston has been posting a video podcast where she shares with her fans a little peak into her world as a cartoonist and creator of the Patterson family.

Below is the latest on the topic of why Lynn decided to bring a new character into the family that wasn’t based on her own family.

Here are the other topics so far.

1. Tell us about your hobbies.
2. What was your father like?
3. The format of FBorFW
4. Did you always know how it would end?
5. Are there any inside jokes in FBorFW?
6. How do you keep developing new ideas?
7. What makes something funny to you?
8. What’s it like being a cartoonist?
9. Let’s talk about Christmas!
10. What are we seeing in papers today?
11. Tell us about The Bestest Present.
12. How do you deal with so many characters?
13. Tell us about Weed.
14. The story of Lawrence.
15. Developing the FBorFW world.
16. How do you deal with uncomfortable topics?
17. The death of Farley.
18. Dealing with heavy topics.
19. Naming an icon after an icon.
20. What is Mtigwaki?
21. What inspired you to create Mtigwaki?
22. John’s canoe trip (part one).
23. John’s canoe trip (part two).
24. John’s canoe trip (part three).
25. John’s canoe trip (part four).
26. Liz’s assault.
27. After the Strip Runs
28. Storytelling
29. Who is Shannon?
30. Who is Shannon? (Part Two)
31. Conceiving April

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  1. For Better Or For Worse was one of the first strips I felt a connection to. I remember reading it as a young child and thinking about how Michael and I were the same age. Seeing that it was written by a female left an impression on me too.

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