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Guy Gilchrist announces Today’s Dogg collection

Guy Gilchrist, cartoonist on Nancy announces that he’s publishing a first Today’s Dogg collection. The book will be in traditional print but also in digital formats with a portion of the proceeds to be donated to pet organizations. The-ebook version will feature a recording and video of “Take Me Home” a song written by Guy and Joel Brentlinger. The song is sung by Grammy-nominated singer Jamie O’Neal.

“All through my life, personally and professionally, I’ve been associated with children and animals. Children and animals are so honest,” said Guy Gilchrist. “‘Today’s Dogg’ is about that honesty. It’s the most fun I can have writing and drawing. I realized early that this feature wasn’t going to be like anything else I’ve ever done. It really touched people, and now I am beyond ecstatic that the book is available to everyone.”

Community Comments

#1 Marcus Hamilton
@ 8:00 am

Congratulations Guy!
Your heart is in your work and that’s what makes it genuine and successful!

#2 Guy Gilchrist
@ 4:27 pm

Thank you, Marcus. I would describe your work the same way. Big fan. of your art….and you.

#3 jeanne wade
@ 8:36 pm

IHeard you on the radio on 560am and really am happy to know that you love animals and magazine helps them…very great to hear…thank you!!

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