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Profiled: New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly

Carolina Pedraza over at Wacky Short Creations interviews New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly.

HW: What part of your day is spent sketching and drawing, and what part is spent infusing your brain with what?s going on in the world so you can draw about it?

LD: (laughter) That is well put. When I was younger, a lot more of the day was spent drawing. When I was first starting out my cartoons would usually develop through sketching, and I was always doodling and drawing. Now it?s less so. Now it?s more like drawing is the tool I use to get the idea out. It also depends on the day, because some days I don?t draw at all. I do a lot of writing and I do illustration for people. I guess for a cartoon day, for cartoon-generating time maybe 1/3 is actual drawing and the rest is thinking and writing words down, and reading and thinking, and other ?stuff? that goes into making a cartoon.

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#1 B.j. Dewey
@ 6:36 pm

Thanks for passing on another good interview with Liza D.

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