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Cartoon Movement publishes The Waiting Room

The Cartoon Movement has published a 20 page comic journalism piece by Sarah Glidden, author of “How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less.” The new piece is entitled “The Waiting Room” which looks into the lives of displaced Iraqis living in Syria, who now make up the largest urban refugee population in history.

Sarah recently traveled through Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Lebanon with reporters from the Common Language Project to research her next graphic novel. In Syria, Iraqi refugees are prohibited from joining the workforce, navigating countless bureaucratic hurtles as they are stuck for years in limbo with no place to call home. With contributing reporting from CLP, Sarah brings to life a some of the refugees with her vivid watercolors.

Community Comments

#1 Terry LaBan
@ 9:37 am

I think you mean Sarah Glidden.

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 9:46 am

Thanks, Terry. Unlike the AP Style which stipulates using an individual’s last name throughout the story, I opt to use a cartoonist’s first name. In this case I did a find and replace on “Glidden” thinking I was changing all the last name references in the press release to first name – obviously it also changed the first time reference. Long way of say, “oops. thanks for catching that.”

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