One Fine Sunday exhibit moving to Boston

John Read’s exhibit, “One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages”, is heading to Boston in May. The exhibit will be free and be presented in the Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE) beginning May 2nd. It has over 130 nationally syndicated Sunday comics that appeared in papers April 11, 2010. The exhibit will be in Boston during the National Cartoonist Society’s annual Reuben weekend. A free reception will be held on May 29th – the last day of the exhibit when the public can meet some of the cartoonists featured in the exhibit. To be apart of the reception, a RSVP is necessary. Visit BCAE for details and to reserve your seat.

7 thoughts on “One Fine Sunday exhibit moving to Boston

  1. Hello, I just went online to RSVP for myself and my wife and though it is a free event, when I went through the process it tried to charge a registration fee of $6 each. I called the BCAE and was told that it is a bug in the system and that they would hopefully have it fixed later today. I was told to try again this evening or tomorrow. Just an FYI in case anyone else experiences this.

  2. I’ve seen this exhibit 3 times now and it has been presented differently each time. It is a wonderful show!

    Looking forward to seeing it again in Boston! (and Wisconsin in the Autumn – date still to be determined)

  3. Well, at least now I know the identity of the good-lookin’ woman I kept seeing at almost every venue of the show! Hell, I was beginning to think (hope?) I had a stalker.

  4. Say, anyone in or near Boston have a place, or know of a place, I can park a truck for (almost a) month? I’m bringing the “One Fine Sunday” exhibit to Boston myself in a couple weeks, will help install it at the BCAE, then fly home. I’ll fly back in on the 26th of May (for the Reuben weekend) and can retrieve my truck then. (My wife suggested I park it in a hospital parking garage, because she’d read that was a good inexpensive place to park for a long period.)

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