AAEC convention notes: Thursday

Yesterday was the first full day of activities for the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists’ annual convention held this year in Portland OR. Mark Fiore kicked off the session, entitled “Appholes” on his experience working with Apple to get his iPhone app into the App Store. Next up was the “New Frontiers” panel Mike Keefe plugged his comedy news site “Sardonika.com” that he runs with Tim Menees. Sardonika is a fictional “tiny island just off the coast of the United States, close enough to pass judgment on its mainland neighbor, but far enough offshore to avoid small arms fire. It is the home of the Sardonika Policy Institute, the major industry on the island. The SPI is a watchdog group primarily glaring at the U.S. It issues periodic reports in the form of SPINews, on, among other topics, aging, politics, climate, rock music and municipal bus schedules.”

Ted Rall talked about how he used kickstarter.com to raise money $26,000 for his trip to Afghanistan.

Caroline Dijckmeester, Tjeerd Royaards from vjmovement.com, presented their new endeavor to create an international news bureau that creates a network of video journalists and editorial cartoonists.

Matt Bors led the panel with myself and JP Trostle about the new paradigm of journalism (think blogs and microblogs) and how to use them to spread advocacy for editorial cartooning.

Matt paneled the next discussion that features Meredith Gran, Jeff Parker and Shannon Wheeler about the vibrant cartooning community in Portland Oregon. Shannon commented how Portland is known for cartoonists and Jeff quickly chimed in “and the food carts.” Jeff also plugged his Periscope Studios, a collective of cartoonists, illustrators, writers, concept designers, graphic novelists, and storyboard artists. Other such collectives exist in Portland and the network of artists makes a freelance career possible.

Powellapalooza presenters L-R Joel Pett, Matt Bors, Jeff Danziger, Mike Thompson, Ted Rall, David Horsey and Rob Rogers

The last official event of the day was the Powellapalooza – a free to the public event at Powell’s book store. The event was standing room only as Steve Kelley, Mike Thompson, Dave Horsey, Jeff Danziger, Ted Rall, Matt Bors, Rob Rogers, Joel Pett, Rex Babin and Mike Thompson cartoonists gave quick presentations of some of their best work. The crowd was very enthusiastic and asked a fair number of questions at the Q and A at the end. When asked about when editorial cartooning began, Jack Ohman, who emcee’d the event, called up V. Cullum Rogers who gave a quick and engaging response to the art form.

Mark Fiore (L) talking with David Horsey after Powellpalooza

Milt Priggee and Daryl Cagle

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  1. How ’bout an update on Matt Bors’ cartoon drawing instruction panel: “Everybody’s cartoons are turds except Matt Bors and Ted Rall’s ” and his “Bashing fellow cartoonists in your Blog panel”?

  2. Next year we’re going to seat a panel made up of the four cartoonists named Jeff Parker…

  3. Funny- I bet that photo of the panel had some scratching there heads over how much Jeff Parker of Florida Today has changed Portland to Florida must be a heckuva commute everyday

  4. Loved your cartoon on the Flotilla thing, Jeff!

    And yes, Parker of Portland said he gets mail intended for the editorial cartoonists frequently.

  5. “editorial cartoonist”, singular. He even thought I was asking him to be on the panel because of that and I had to explain I knew who he was and wanted people who worked in different fields.

  6. Thanks Matt- Does that get me the Bors Blog “Turd that smells like a Rose” weekly award? – Hugs and Kisses Matt šŸ˜‰

    P.S. You may be happy to know I’ve joined a 12 step Labeling
    Anonymous group. But I’m just on step 1.5

  7. For what its worth, there were at least two cartoonists named “Jim Davis”, too (one being the Garfield guy; other was an animator who did some comic book work on the side).

  8. Get in line, pal.

    btw, great meeting you last week. loved portland — hellava town

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