Over the Hedge joins in Everybody Draw Mohammad Day

I didn’t think a syndicated strip would participate in the Everybody Draw Mohammad Day event, but I received an email pointing to yesterday’s Over the Hedge by T. Lewis and Michael Fry. I asked Michael if there was any hestitation to joining the event and he responded, “No. No second thoughts. I wrote two versions. T picked the punchier and simpler one. I think we successfully made our point without offending anyone.”

He also noted that there was no objection from the syndicate. Here is the strip as it ran yesterday.

Over the Hedge

6 thoughts on “Over the Hedge joins in Everybody Draw Mohammad Day

  1. Bloody Hell. A pat on the back to Michael and T. for getting involved with Draw A Picture of Mohammed Day. I had wanted to participate, but too many of the drawing I saw were, I felt, in poor taste – it’s one thing to draw a picture of a guy with a beard and labeling him Mohammed, and it’s another entirely to draw him doing questionable things with a bowl of fruit and a tube of KY. At that point it’a not just saying “Look at me, I’m doing freedom of speech and you can’t stop me!” – it’s deliberately trying to offend in the most abrasive manner possible.

    T. and Michael’s strip rather nicely encapsulates what I had hoped DAPoMo would be.


  2. I’m a fellow cartoonist. I too drew a Mohammed cartoon.
    Only I drew mine with a mustard bottle, on a pastrami sammitch.
    Then proceeded to eat the evidence.
    Cheers and GREAT cartoon!

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