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Muslim group tries to stop Jonathan Shapiro cartoon

South African editorial cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro(Zapiro) joined in the Everybody Draw Mohammad Day, and before his cartoon could go to press, the Islamic theological body, the Jamiatul Ulama tried to stop the cartoon from being published by appealing to the Johannesburg High Cout. 

The offending cartoon depicts the prophet lying down on a therapist’s chair, saying: “Other prophets have followers with a sense of humour!”

Beside him is a newspaper with a headline reading: “Everybody draw Muhammad day”. Behind him, a bespectacled therapist wearing a suit and bowtie is seen taking notes. 


The cartoon was published. Regarding Zapiro’s involvement in EDMD, he was quoted as saying: 

 “I did not try to draw a cartoon that is as offensive as possible, I just drew a cartoon that is challenging. The prophetic in the cartoon looks sad his followers don?t have a sense of humour, are so fanatical and sensitive,” he said. 

“I joined (the campaign) because people were getting scared. It was a day of solidarity for cartoonists to draw the prophet. Maybe I was naive as I did not think the cartoon or the paper would be interdicted. I thought I would get away with it, but I am glad for the freedom of expression in South Africa,” said Shapiro.


Community Comments

#1 RealPablo
@ 5:10 pm

Everybody draws Jesus Christ, if some christian gets offened than it is his problem, the same must be with Muhammad, if some muslims don’t like it than they should go to live on other planet.

#2 Tom Poston
@ 6:04 am

Let me live on another planet instead, they would probably get mad about not being “on the soil their fathers blood was shed on” or some twaddle. I would enjoy a fresh start away from them. When I say them I do not just mean Islamic fanatics, but all fanatics that feel that others should die for their cause.

#3 Kevin Jackson
@ 3:17 pm

I think you’ve done a grand job of taking part while keeping it fun and light. I wish more of us had followed your example.
It’s only when we go too far, too deliberately offend, that I makes not funny anymore…
and trust me I know offensive.

#4 tauseef siddiqui
@ 4:34 am

im a muslim jesus isa is also our prophets other muslims have done cartons of jesus they must by punished what you have done that is wrong and others have done about jesus that is also wrong

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