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Graham Nolan launches webcomic ‘Sunshine State’

Graham Nolan, the artist behind Rex Morgan, M.D. and frequent artist for DC Comics has launched a new webcomic entitled Sunshine State. Graham’s new strip will run Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Community Comments

#1 Rich Diesslin
@ 3:17 pm

This should be really good. I saw the concept back in September and the Tundra seminar and it looks great. I encourage everyone to check it out!

#2 Howard Tayler
@ 5:02 pm

Good luck, Graham! It looked great back in September. I hope it does well as a webcomic!

#3 Stephen Beals
@ 5:18 pm

I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t remember who Graham Nolan was at first. Then I took my meds.

Not surprisingly, the art and layout are fantastic. Definitely worth following.

#4 Graham Nolan
@ 10:03 am

Awww, now you guys are makin’ me blush! Thanks for checking it out!

#5 Zach
@ 1:58 am

Good luck! Welcome to the webcomicverse…

#6 Tony Piro
@ 3:11 am

So will Rex Morgan be making any guest appearances?

#7 Graham Nolan
@ 3:25 pm

Only if Mel gets sick! ;) Of course, Rex isn’t a vet so it could be a problem.

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