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Tundra greeting cards now in stores

Chad Carpenter’s self syndicated comic Tundra is now in stores on greeting cards. The first batch of eight different Tundra greeting cards are birthday cards with more due out in November featuring “snowman” and Christmas. Another line of Father’s Day cards is also planned for release. The cards are printed and distributed through Recycled Paper Greetings.

Community Comments

#1 Alan Jones
@ 11:08 pm

Congrats Chad! It must feel pretty good to be realizing the kind of success you’re seeing, We got Tundra in The Denver Post not too long ago, and I was glad for it (the duck toon for 9/28 was fabulous!).

And hey, merchandising is a good thing anyway…I think a cartoonist really should explore all avenues for generating income a a result of their work, if increasing income is of interest: Greeting cards, calendars, etc. But, I know not all may see it that way, the purity of the art form, etc taking priority (Watterson?).

hmmm, I wonder if Schulz can be considered the antithesis of that position? Not very good on my history/biographies. Well anyhow, good luck with it all, Chad.

#2 T.J. Hill
@ 6:43 am

I would love to hear how such a deal actually gets off the ground. Does the greeting card company come knocking or is on the creator/syndicate/self syndicate to make the first move? Great strip!

@ 8:27 pm

You go, Chad! Up until this week, I’ve seen your work every weekday in the Norwich, CT Bulletin. It has disappeared, and don’t you think I didn’t give them a piece of my mind! You have one wonderful imagination.

#4 Gael Venn
@ 12:04 am

Your cartoons and greeting cards are terrific! Howsomever, I used to get them at Petco, and now can’t find them there anymore. Any ideas on how I can find out where they are sold, or can I purchase them online?

#5 Judy Wiser
@ 2:12 pm

My husband & I love your cards……..We live in State College, PA and would love to know where to find them here (16801)

We appreciate your help! Thanks, Judy Wiser

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