The Daily Cartoonist turns three

This week The Daily Cartoonist celebrates its third birthday. The community around the blog continues to grow. Off the top of my head, the second year events that will be remembered are: the wholesale loss of America’s great talent of editorial cartoonists, the rocky launch of the “hybrid” and smoother transition into the For Better or For Worse “new-runs,” the flash in the pan that was the “Bad Cartoonist,” live blogging the National Cartoonist Society’s Reuben weekend in New Orleans, and launching a redesign of the blog. I’ve been busy, but with only three months left in the calendar year, I’m feeling a rush to get the rest of The Daily Cartoonist projects out the door.

I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy the work that I do here on this blog as much as I enjoy posting it. Here’s hoping for another great year!

14 thoughts on “The Daily Cartoonist turns three

  1. Thanks so much for all the hard work Alan. The Daily Cartoonist is a great site and always gives me food for thought about the business!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Congratulations Alan and thanks for keeping this great site running! I have learned an incredible amount about the business by visiting your site on a daily basis!

  3. Alan, your hard work and service you provide to the cartooning community is greatly appreciated. Even though you put up with a lot of nonsense on here, I’m glad you’ve stuck with it and allowed The Daily Cartoonist to reach a ripe old age of three.

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Daily Cartoonist!

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