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Corey Pandolph Found Dead

Yesterday’s Non Sequitur featured a small easter egg for those looking into the details. In the fifth panel, The character “Joe” is holding a paper with the headline, “Corey Pandolph Found Dead At Gritty’s.” Corey Pandolph is the cartoonist for Elderberries, and creator of Toby, Robot Satan, and Barkeater Lake. Both he and Non Sequitur creator Wiley Miller live in Maine.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Cope
@ 12:56 pm

Great! Three strips being drawn by the same dead cartoonist :)

#2 Corey Pandolph
@ 1:24 pm

All this means is that my artwork is now worth something.

#3 Pab Sungenis
@ 2:57 pm

Queen Victoria juts her crotch in your memory.

#4 Mike Witmer
@ 5:33 pm

Corey, Is this a light-hearted jab or is Wiley trying to tell you something? lol

#5 Garey Mckee
@ 7:27 pm

Does this mean that Wiley is going to be skewered somehow in one of Corey’s upcoming strips?

#6 Larry Levine
@ 9:45 pm

I’m lost here, is this the live Cory or the ectoplasm Cory???

#7 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 11:11 pm

I hope Corey doesn’t go to Robot Hell!
Anybody else think Morris Gumboot had something to do with this??

#8 Wiley Miller
@ 6:13 am

What was cut off from the headline, of course, was the word, “drunk”.

#9 Doris Brosnan
@ 9:00 pm

This cartoon has an inane sort of approach to humankind’s awareness of, adn encounter with, evil, I think. It is weird enough to keep reading. Can anyone explain the episode strip beginning with: “Feline Designate X!” In it,I know that the cat is unaffected by Toby’s demand; Toby must go away disgruntled, judging by his comment about not having patience.

A human then reminds non-lactor Toby that he puts milk out for cats. Does this imply that Toby IS indeed patient on some level (Which, of course, would disappoint him.)? Is the point to say that evil, in all its plottin, is incapable of knowing itself? Stupid, with surface statements only?

Or, have I spent too much time on this already?
Please advise. and Many Thanx!!

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