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Dilbert creator Scott Adams has announced that has relaunched with a new design and a host of new features. Some of the features include allowing registered users the ability to rewrite the punch-lines and email them to friends. Readers can vote on the best submitted rewritten gags.

The site has more animation provided by Michael Fry’s RingTales company. Other features include ability to create lists of favorites that can be shared with others; an expanded archive and all the strips are now in color.

UPDATED: Salon reviews the relaunch and talks to Scott.

Community Comments

#1 Danny Burleson
@ 1:59 pm

Wow, it actually looks pretty cool. Even though I’m one of them new-fangled webcomickers, I’m still old-fashioned in some ways, and don’t really like all dailies being in color.

But other than that, this makes for a fun site. I like the “re-write the dialogue” option, though that could be a system for trouble if they don’t have good a moderation plan. And the RingTales animations add another dimension to the strip without the complexity of doing a TV show.

#2 Garey Mckee
@ 2:08 pm

Danny I agree. I know I joked around alot about the old incarnation of, but the new interactive format looks great.

As for the whole color in the dailies debacle, I don’t mind it, but I feel it’s a different discipline in planning your strip. A cartoonist is always concious of how his or her strip flows from frame to frame, and I believe that flow is achieved in different ways when working in black and white vs. color.

#3 Garey Mckee
@ 2:09 pm

Umm that would be “conscious.” Sorry.

#4 Andrew
@ 4:34 pm

Lots of flash in the new site. If you’re using flashblock in Firefox you have to look for the right button to click on. It does look more interesting than the old one.

#5 Dawn Douglass
@ 9:25 pm

We launched a poll at Inkswig earlier this week and the desire for people to write their own word balloons is #1 so far:

#6 Dawn Douglass
@ 8:28 am

Scott Adams said: “I think 99.9 percent of the submitted punch lines will be less funny than my original.”

Ha! I wouldn’t count on that.

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