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Stephan Pastis to be featured on Mr. Media

Bob Andelmanâ??s Mr. Media blog will feature Pearls Before Swine cartoonist Stephan Pastis. This interview will also feature a call-in number, so you can talk to Stephan himself. Details about this interview can be found here. Thanks to Mark Tatulli for the tip.

Posted on: Dec 17, 2007,  Section: Interviews, Comments: 2 Comments

Documentary about Bill Watterson in the works?

On December 4th, The K Chronicles cartoonist Keith Knight wrote about being interviewed for a film about Calvin and Hobbes and Bill Watterson on his blog. I was drawing in my local cafe when I struck up a conversation with an elderly man about a big influence, Jules Feiffer. Another guy approached and told me his friend was doing […]

Posted on: Dec 17, 2007,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 56 Comments

Four more comic titles available from

Universal Press and are now offering four more titles for their print-on-demand partnership service. A Very Merry, Happy Non Sequitur Holiday by Wiley Miller Close to Home for the Holidays by John McPherson Ho Ho Ho! A Stone Soup Christmas by Jan Eliot Bark to Work Legislation: A Pooch Cafe Collection by Paul Gilligan In […]

Posted on: Dec 17, 2007,  Section: Books, Comic strips, Comments: 6 Comments

Garfield Foundation Gets SparkTop Educational Web Site

Professor Garfield Foundation, an educational organization founded by Garfield creator Jim Davis, has recently acquired, according to E&P. “One of the unexpected joys of being in this line of work has been hearing from the parents of children who learned to read thanks to the ‘Garfield’ comic strip,” Davis said in a statement. “After […]

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Tundra signs with King Features

Chad Carpenter has signed with King Features for an international syndication of his comic strip Tundra, according to E&P. The 1991-launched strip, self-syndicated by cartoonist Chad Carpenter in the U.S. and Canada, currently appears in nearly 150 newspapers. Under the new deal with King, “Tundra” will now also be distributed to papers around the world. […]

Posted on: Dec 14, 2007,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 12 Comments

Edison Lee to introduce a new character

The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee cartoonist John Hambrock writes on his blog that he will introduce a new character to his strip. Stay tuned! Starting January 7th, Iâ??ll be running a week-long series introducing our new addition to the Edison Lee cast. This part-time character will provide a voice Iâ??ve felt has been missing […]

Posted on: Dec 14, 2007,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 4 Comments

David Gantz passes at age 85

David Gantz, cartoonist behind comic strips Dudley D. and Don Q., has passed away at the age of 85. Gantz was also an comic book artist, working on titles such as “Mighty Mouse” and “Patsy Walker,” and an freelance illustrator. Mike Lynch has a write-up on his blog.

Posted on: Dec 14, 2007,  Section: Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: 13 Comments

Matt Davies on the “best of” book

Editorial cartoonist Matt Davies wrote his take on the “Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year” series, which sparked discussion in this post. My take? I think it was my friend Ted Rall who recently said â??One manâ??s great cartoon is another manâ??s pile of crapâ? or something like that. Most readers are quite capable of deciphering […]

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Ted Rall’s Future Imperfect

Editorial cartoonist Ted Rall has recently written a three-part column on  the future of the newspaper industry. Part I Part II Part III Both Ted Rall’s editorial cartoons and columns are distributed by Universal Press Syndicate.

Posted on: Dec 14, 2007,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 9 Comments

Off line for a while (UPDATED)

Apologies for not posting yesterday and today (unless you count this notice). I am deeply involved in multiple projects at work that are requiring most of my waking hours. I hope to be back again sometime next week. If you have been a guest contributor to this blog this year, I’ve restored your access rights […]

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R.J. Matson takes Time’s top ‘toon

Time magazine as compiled their top 10 editorial cartoons of the year and R.J. Matson not only had the #1 cartoon, but also the 5th. Other cartoonists included: R.J. Matson, New York Observer Bob Englehart, Hartford Courant Mike Peters, Dayton Daily News John Sherffius, Boulder Camera R.J. Matson, St. Louis Post Dispatch Daryl Cagle, MSNBC […]

Posted on: Dec 12, 2007,  Section: Editorial cartooning, Comments: 7 Comments

Katzenjammer Kids, comic strip pioneer, turns 110

American Heritage has a great article on the original The Katzenjammer Kids – which turns 110 years old today. The original Katzenjammer Kids was a pioneer in cartooning – establishing the basic visual language used in comics today. Around the turn of the twentieth century, two popular art forms began parallel transformations. Up until that […]

Posted on: Dec 12, 2007,  Section: Comic history, Comments: 20 Comments

Creating a second comics page for adults

After worrying about the effects of an Opus cartoon on his 3 year-old (and who hasn’t been worried about that!), a reader asked the editor of the Spokesman Review why papers can’t create a separate comics page for adult/older audiences. Question: I’m writing to express my concern with a particular cartoon that captures the first […]

Posted on: Dec 12, 2007,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 19 Comments

Jim Borgman issues stinging rebuke of “best of” book

Every year as the “Best of” editorial cartooning books roll out, there’s arguing over their selection. The cartoons in “The Best Political Cartoons of the Year” are selected by Daryl Cagle, while the Charles Brooks “Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year” contain cartoons simply submitted. On the topic of latter, Jim Borgman delivers a stinging […]

Posted on: Dec 12, 2007,  Section: Books, Editorial cartooning, Comments: 46 Comments

Al Scaduto passes at age 79

Al Scaduto, who drew the They’ll Do It Every Time feature, has passed away at age 79 according to Editor and Publisher. They’ll Do It Every Time was first launched in 1929 by Jimmy Hatlo and Al was the third cartoonist to work on this legacy feature. According to a comment on the Comics Curmudgeon […]

Posted on: Dec 11, 2007,  Section: Obituary, Comments: 1 Comment