Francesco Marciuliano is blogging

Francesco Marciuliano, the writer for Sally Forth and Medium Large is now blogging. Topics seemed scattered but mostly cartoon related.

5 thoughts on “Francesco Marciuliano is blogging

  1. Thank you for tackling the Potter withdrawal. I have seen it in my own two children. Granted, these aren’t drastic symptoms or issues, but for people who have followed and waited and read, I look into their faces and see “Now What?”. My daughter, after devouring year 7 stated, well, no more summer reading for me.

  2. OK, first time writing to a cartoonist. Love your cartoon and never miss it; however Sunday, Sept 23rd, has my husband and me baffled. The last line: “Why do you think I got us the tred (treo)?”

    Just don’t get it.

    And does it have anything to do with what he is holding in his hand?… and what is it? tape? post-its? velcro?

    Thank you,

    Faithful readers from San Diego, California

    Frank and Sue Brown

  3. Thanks for the recent reference to Jeff Lynne. It was a great surprise and very appreciated…

  4. Thank you so much for tackling the touchy subject of abusive behavior of older parents toward their grown children and grandchildren. I believe I know “Laura”, the evil mother/grandmother/mother-in-law of your comic strip, personally. I’m following it with great interest, because I truly believe that these important, but troublesome, people of our lives, need consequence to their actions, and limits. That’s just what we try to teach our own kids: treat others with respect in order to be respected. Thank you again, Ana.

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