Early Simpsons Movie reviews: not bad, not great

Fox has kept The Simpsons Movie away from critics – usually a sign of a stinker, but movie reviews that are now being posted appear to be mostly in the positive. Over at Rotten-Tomatoes it is currently scoring a 79% (29 reviews total, 23 positive, 6 negative).

A bad review:

“The movie isn’t a disaster, just a disappointment.” – Bruce Newman of the San Jose Mercury News.

A middle of the road review:

“The Simpsons Movie is just like the TV show, whereas the bad news is, itâ??s just like the TV show.” – Kyle Smith of the New York Post

A positive review:

With a hearty ‘Woo-hooo’ and no ‘doh’ spared, The Simpsons make the journey from small screen to big with their subversive wit, their wanderlust and their sentimental streak entirely intact. – Roger Moore Orlando Sentinel

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