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Photos of AAEC convention

Mikhaela Reid has posted some of the photos she took from this year’s AAEC convention. They’re hosted over on Ted Rall’s web site.

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#1 Mikhaela Reid
@ 8:11 am

Thanks Alan–I actually transcribed many of the panels as well, and I’ll be posting a lot more photos and those transcripts in the next few days on both my site and Ted’s site.

#2 mark
@ 3:00 pm

I’ve seen photos of Dennis Kucinich but never his wife, Elizabeth.
Kinda makes you wanna go into politics.
Just kidding….sorta.

#3 Stuart Hobbes
@ 11:10 pm


#4 Stuart Hobbes
@ 11:11 pm

#5 Stuart Hobbes
@ 2:49 am

Best Caricature in The World From Great Orod

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