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Cartoonists in the news: Meehan, Piraro

The Evening Times (British paper) has a story on Kieran Meehan who is up for a Reuben award in the newspaper panels category.

From the Honolulu Advertiser comes news that Bizarro cartoonist Dan Piraro will be Hawaii next week on April 10 to speak on cartooning and veganism. Visit the link above for times.

Community Comments

#1 Rick Stromoski
@ 10:48 am

Just for accuracy’s sake, and risk opening a semantic can of worms, Meehan is not up for a “Reuben award”. The “Reuben award “is given to the Cartoonist of the year. Meehan has been nominated for an” NCS division award”. However Dan Piraro is up for a Reuben award as is Dave Coverly and Bill Amend.

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 10:49 am

Once again, Rick. Thanks for the clarification. Someday I’ll get it.

#3 Chris
@ 5:05 pm

Thanks, Alan, for the link to the Evening Times website. Due to that link, I now know what panel, exactly, Meehan was nominated for — and it looks pretty good.

Anyway, thanks, because I think that there was some confusion being that it is only published a single British paper.

(This might gives “Rhymes with Orange” a run for its money!)

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