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Fantagraphics to publich Complete Pogo series

Fantagraphics has announced that they will be publishing a Complete Pogo series that will be designed by cartoonist Jeff Smith, according to Tom Spurgeon of the Comics Reporter. Fantagraphics had previously published 11 soft-cover books covering five and a half years. This new volume will be published annually with about two years of material per book.

Tom Spurgeon:

This announcement is interesting for a few reasons: one, it adds to Fantagraphics’ roster of high-profile strip projects; two, Pogo is one of the few strips I think could have been successfully published in that complete slip-cased format, which I would imagine is now off the table; three, the major push behind the strip should allow for the resources and access to be applied that circumvent one problem with post-War strips like Pogo: finding re-publishable originals from which to shoot the new copies, like syndicate copies, or really good newspaper copies. It’s been my experience that sometimes with late 1940s and 1950s strips a lot of papers ran them occasionally shaved off at the end or on the bottom. And don’t forget reason four, which isn’t very interesting but worthy of a note: over the next several years we get to read Pogo in nice-looking volumes.

First volume to hit book shelves in October of this year.

Community Comments

#1 Charles Brubaker
@ 8:15 am

Hopefully, this will come out better than the previous attempt at this.

#2 Danny Burleson
@ 10:49 am

It’s about darn time! That last attempt was a joke. And Jeff Smith being on the project makes this an absolute dream.

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