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Marshall Ramsey’s exhibit opens tomorrow

Clarion-Ledger editorial cartoonist Marshall Ramsey’s exhibit opens tomorrow with 101 of his best editorial cartoons from the last 10 years with the Mississippi newspaper. There’s a good write-up about it on the Clarion-Ledger’s web site

From his blog he described what he felt when he saw the exhibit before the official opening:

For a reason that is explained a couple of posts down, I had to get out of the office this afternoon. So thankfully, my friend Robin Dietrick, the curator at the Mississippi Museum of Art, called and said my exhibit was hung. I was out the door before my phone could get back onto the cradle.

Let me just say, I only have a couple of my pieces of art hanging at my house. I see enough of it at work and my ego is doing well enough that I don’t need my cartoons surrounding me at all times. But that said, the exhibit looks amazing. I mean, I was blown away by it. Just seeing 101 cartoons organized throughout the museum in their tidy little black frames was incredible.

There were a few people floating through the museum, so I went up to them and asked them about the exhibit. I didn’t introduce myself initially, just to get some honest feedback. They loved it.

It’s been a roller coaster of a day. Lunch with my wife and son was a highpoint, finding out a bright light died was a low — but seeing samples of ten-years of my work hanging in a museum was a feeling I just can’t explain.

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