Book collections abounding

Several comic features are hitting the book shelves this spring. Here is a run down of what to expect to see on your next trip to the local bookstore:

Spot the Frog” – this is the first collect for Mark Heath.
In Shark Years I’m Dead: ‘Sherman’s Lagoon’ Turns Fifteen” by Jim Toomey
Something Chocolate This Way Comes” is a Baby Blues collection by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott.
Red Carpet Rose” is the latest collection of “Rose is Rose” by Pat Brady.
How Come I’m Always Luigi?” is a FoxTrot collection by Bill Amend.
And lastly,
Darby Conley’s Get Fuzzy is coming out with a new collection called “Scrum Bums

All of these can be had at your local book store or Amazon.

Update: Michael Fry writes in to remind me that his feature “Over the Hedge” also has a book out this spring – this one hit the book stores last week on the first of March. His book is called Over the Hedge: Stuffed Animals. While I’m in the mood to be reminded and to remind others, don’t forget to check out the trailer for the Over the Hedge movie that is shortly coming to a theater near you.