Scummers Gonna Scam

Rina Piccolo reminds us that scammers hitting on cartoonists and illustrators still abound.

Fellow artists, SCAM ALert…if you get something that looks like this, don’t respond.They go by different names/email addresses. This one is Tell your artist friends.

If you receive an unsolicited offer that you think may be a scam

check into it as much as you can before taking on the job.

Googling “illustration scams” will bring a numbers of sites with warnings. Hieillo, for example, has a page about spotting scams that includes the closing of the proposal offered to Rina (inflation adjusted):


My budget for the job is $650 per piece. Let me know if that’s fine. If it’s not please get back to me with the price quote and what would be your preferred mode of payment? I’m proposing a certified bank draft, a cashier’s check or bank certified check considering the amount involved. I look forward to reading from you soon.

Also Googling the project PANDEMIC: PRECAUTION AND PREVENTION brings up the scam.

Check out the offer as much as you can and “be careful out there.”

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