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In our various articles on the 100th anniversary of Charles Schulz we overlooked cartoonist Terri Libenson‘s tribute to the man who provided an early inspiration to what would become her career.

I always had a knack for drawing, but Peanuts was what drew me to humor and storytelling. Not only was Peanuts so masterfully drawn, it had the most charming combination of humor and humanity, and I think that really struck a chord before I was even aware of it.

Charlie Brown especially captivated me. Neurotic, sensitive, insecure, conflicted, but ever-hopeful, he was my alter ego. But it was Snoopy I fell hopelessly for as a kid…maybe because I never had a dog growing up, or maybe because he had all the charisma and self-confidence I felt I was lacking.

I drew Snoopy all the time.


The Canberra Times cheers their David Pope
being awarded the Australian Cartoonists Association Cartoonist of the Year.

If no news is good news for someone expecting bad news, too much news can often be a nightmare for political cartoonists.

But it makes for great material for the team putting together the regular exhibition of the year’s best cartoons at the Museum of Australian Democracy.

And 2022’s Cartoonist of the Year, The Canberra Times’s own David Pope, had a “pretty excellent year”, according to curator Amy Lay.

“In a year full of twists and turns – as they ever are – his work I think this year was really comprehensive and consistently elegant and layered,” she said.


Our news about Darrin Bell taking his Candorville comic strip to King Features Syndicate came out before the actual switch. So here is the new Candorville url. Add it to your Comics Kingdom Favorites.


An addendum to our Gene Basset obituary is the Mankato Free Press remembering Gene.
Gene ended his career drawing political cartoons there after retiring from The Atlanta Journal.


A post script to the Roger Mahoney obituary is The Mirror tribute by Roger’s friends and colleagues. The Mirror is the home newspaper of Andy Capp.

The cartoon world has lost one of its brightest talents with the death of legendary Andy Capp artist Roger Mahoney at the age of 89.

Fellow artists last night paid tribute to the former professional musician whose incredible talent would propel him on the road to comic strip fame.


Updating any number of ongoing reports about the newspaper business:

The largest newspaper chain is cutting roughly 6 percent of its 3,440-person U.S. media division.

The New York Times carries this recurring news.


As we were noting the 2022 edition of Compleating Cul de Sac yesterday the Washington Post Magazine, where that comic strip debuted years before syndication, was sending notice of its end.

The Washington Post will stop publishing its Sunday print magazine after more than three decades. The last issue will be out on Dec. 25.

The newspaper has eliminated the positions of the magazine’s 10 staff members, according to the Post. There’s no guarantee the staffers will be offered other positions at the paper, though the Post reports that restaurant reviews and the crossword puzzle will continue to appear in print.

dcist carries the story.

The Sunday magazine no longer carried comics
but it was a very good gig for illustrators both on covers and inside.


And finally we update an evergreen wish courtesy of Sandra Boynton: