Calvin and Hobbes Sunday Page Goes for $480,000

It cost nearly half a million dollars to take home the original art by
Bill Watterson for the May 24, 1987 Sunday Calvin and Hobbes page.

Heritage Auctions described the Calvin and Hobbes Sunday comic strip:

Any Bill Watterson original Calvin and Hobbes art is rarer than even a talking tiger! And Sundays even more so. And hand-colored examples even more so than that! Add in to that heady mix that this is an absolute classic from the first two years of this beloved strip’s publication! We have only ever offered a single Calvin and Hobbes Sunday previously-a full 10 years ago-and we’ve honestly never heard of one coming to market that’s even close in quality to this example, which features both main characters in every single panel.
This is a beautifully self-contained, heartwarming, and action-packed adventure as perfected by Watterson. In short, it’s an absolutely perfect example in every way-which makes absolutely perfect sense when the provenance is considered, as it was gifted by Watterson to his longtime editor, Lee Salem, who worked with the artist at Universal Press Syndicate from the outset of the strip’s conception until its conclusion.

Heritage Auctions notes that the Calvin and Hobbes matched the cost of the first Flash Gordon comic strip by Alex Raymond which sold for the same price two and a half years ago, creating a tie for the most expensive comic strip.

A specialty drawing of Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson went for $120,000.00.

Again as described by Heritage Auctions:

A serious, but charming one-panel specialty cartoon featuring two of the most beloved and well-known comic strip characters of all-time! Watterson even tosses in an Elvis mention for good measure in this charmingly self-referential gag. Watterson is of course one of the most popular and critically acclaimed cartoonists of all time, and his original artwork is rarer than that of just about any cartoonist. This beautiful, fully-finished illustration of Calvin and Hobbes–and the perpetually popular humor of their relationship as explored throughout the entire history of the strip–is encapsulated in this jewel-like original, created as a special gift for famed Universal Press Syndicate editor Lee Salem.

3 thoughts on “Calvin and Hobbes Sunday Page Goes for $480,000

  1. I’m as big a C&H fan as you’ll find, but that’s nuts.

    Still, I’m happy that Bill Watterson is apparently one of the few people alive who can actually print money. Imagine being able to dash off $100,000 before breakfast.

  2. That’s mad! Can’t say I blame them though. It’s gorgeous, and there are far worse things you could spend money on.

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