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New Local Comic: Lauren Ipsum by C. A. Brubaker

Cartoonist Charles Brubaker has announced his comic strip Lauren Ipsum
has garnered a weekly spot in The Weakley County Press.

Charles informed us on his Facebook page:

My local newspaper, the Weakley County Press, will start running “Lauren Ipsum” every week! They began running it yesterday, on my birthday fitting enough.

Among the animation and comic strip books mentioned in the strip is one of Charles’ own.

Twelve years ago the same paper ran Charles Brubaker’s American Paradise strip.

Community Comments

#1 Charles Brubaker
@ 7:28 pm

Thanks for mentioning this!

Thought I mention that the comic first appeared as a webcomic on October 31st, running three times a week there (plus occasional Sunday every other week). You can see them at

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