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Adams Hoped Dilbert “Get Cancelled Over This”

After raising a fuss last month over Lee Enterprises dropping Dilbert, cartoonist Scott Adams said he was “kinda hoping [Dilbert] would get cancelled over this” after finishing a week of comic strips about ESG in Corporate America.

Scott has been focusing more and more on conservative talking points in his comic strip.
The World News Group recently featured Dilbert as the starting point of their view on ESG:

You know it is bad when your political agenda is destroyed by a comic strip. Dilbert, the well-loved syndicated comic strip, is a mild mocking of life in corporate or cubicle-bound America … In recent editions, Dilbert turned his harrowing humor on environmental, social, and governance (ESG), a nationwide effort to grade large corporations on their commitment to left-wing principles, often to the detriment of their financial bottom line.

In the first of a series of comics recently published, Dilbert asks his trusty sidekick and muse Dogbert, “What is this ‘ESG’ thing I keep hearing about?

As conservatives and people of faith, we should be on the forefront of the push back against ESG.


© Scott Adams

“Loosely based” on Scott’s own experiences thirty years ago when he was part of the nine-to-five structure, he has been satirizing woke culture for a while now.

This is not the first time he has spoken of Dilbert being cancelled by the newspapers or his syndicate. He seems to relish his role as a “social influencer” more than his career as cartoonist. And let’s face it, he could maintain a very comfortable lifestyle just off the Dilbert royalties.

Read the the past week’s Dilbert story line at (scroll down).

Watch Scott comment about it at  Real Coffee with Scott Adams at the 2:00 – 4:30 mark.
Spoiler: He was disappointed he got no complaints or pushback over the series and
credits himself for “increas[ing] the size of the envelope of what’s acceptable.”

Community Comments

#1 Ignatz
@ 6:38 am

After all this time, we learn the pointy-haired boss was supposed to be the hero.

It is so wrong having your entertainment product cancelled because it’s no longer entertaining.

It is amusing watching people who claim to love capitalism get offended when a company makes a business decision.

#2 Mark Jackson
@ 8:39 am

That “. . .and people of faith” was jarring. I see that the World News Group has “Sound journalism, grounded in facts and Biblical truth” on its masthead; I’d like to know what specific elements of concern for environmental and social impact, and corporate governance, the Bible warns us against.

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