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The Games Cartoonists Play

These kind of things work better as print comics than as web comics.

Funky Winkerbean and Lio go sideways, though at a 180 degrees from each other.

To save you the extra computer steps here they are right side up:

© Batom Inc.                        © Mark Tatulli

That is the second Atomik Komix cover by James Pascoe and Rob Ro with Chuck Ayers this year.



© Chattanooga Times Free Press/Clay Bennett

I’ll let Mike deconstruct Clay Bennett‘s cartoon how some kids have to learn history,
but those front and back covers of the MAD magazine Clay uses intrigue me.

The front is a Norman Mingo Alfred used as an all-purpose portrait best seen on a Hardees freebie, that back cover is by Don Ewing and Jack Rickard and is straight from MAD #123 (Dec. 1968).

© EC Publications 



© The Times Tribune/John Cole

Mike Peterson featured a sports cartoon in his column today. Occasionally editorial cartoonists get into the game and become sports cartoonists, the baseball lockout has had that effect on a few cartoonists. The Week has gathered “5 scathingly funny cartoons about the MLB lockout.”

John Cole featured above.   Drew Litton persists below.

© Drew Litton



© Thaves

Tom Thaves, like Clay Bennett, uses actual comics in today’s Frank and Ernest.

First, Frank in the opening panel is a continuation from Saturday’s panel:

Then Garfield and Lola, separated by the Frank and Ernest strip, are seen on the funnies page. Though somehow that newspaper has printed the January 16, 2022 Garfield and the January 16, 2022 Lola on the same page with an unused panel from the March 6, 2022 Frank and Ernest.

Garfield © Paws Inc.; Lola © Todd Clark

As for the finished origami – it seems to have a Ziggy strip but I’m not finding a match.


Also playing games is Robb Armstrong who seems to be throwing in the unresolved Sharcane subplot at random intervals in his JumpStart strip.

© Ruff Sketch Inc.

Though everyone is in Switzerland for the denouement?


Fun and games.

Find all 11(!) secret symbols in today’s Bizarro.

© Bizarro Studios


And here’s a comics-based find-a-word:

The find-a-word comes from this past week’s The Mini Page about comics.

© Andrews McMeel Syndication

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#1 Jason Chatfield
@ 6:40 pm

That Clay Bennett gag reminds me of our very clever and sophisticated dollop of witty comedic genius in the opening to the 2015 Reuben Awards in DC…

(Gag is at around 3:45)

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