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Snug Harbor Cartoonist Will Henry Interviewed

From Rhode Island PBS Weekly:

Contributing reporter David Wright profiles Rhode Island cartoonist William Henry Wilson. Using the pen-name Will Henry, Wilson is the creator of the nationally syndicated cartoon, Wallace the Brave. While Wallace the Brave appears in more than 100 newspapers nationwide, Henry’s inspiration for the character is found close to home in Southern Rhode Island.

A nine and a half minute segment on Wallace the Brave cartoonist Will Henry. The creator admits that the comic strip started as an idealized take on his own childhood but now he sees he and his wife as the parents and his young children as part of the kid gang.

He points to a strip based a real life event:

It is also good to hear, I guess, that the comic strip pays more of the bills than does his day job.

Watch the PBS segment here.

Read Wallace the Brave here.

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