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Scott Underwood Joins Slylock Fox Investigations

Late last year cartoonist Scott Diggs Underwood became part of the Slylock Fox team as a collaborator with Bob Weber, Jr. on the Sunday issues of the King Features Syndicate feature.

Apparently not paying close attention to the Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids, this past Sunday’s art struck me as odd. The horse wasn’t a Weber horse to my eyes. (Maybe it was the squint?)

Then I saw the signature.
Unable to decipher it Bob Weber, Jr. informed us that it is Scott Diggs Underwood.
Checking the archives Scott first signs the Sundays on January 9, 2022.


Scott has spent a couple decades in animation and design,
occasionally dipping his pen into print comics.


Being a syndicated cartoonist is fulfillment of a lifelong dream says Scott:

Today marks a landmark day…
when I was a kid I would most oft dream of having my name amongst the comic-strip auteurs that filled (what I thought was a sadly too small portion) that dedicated section of the newspapers .
I went into animation instead however, and that dream never came to fruition.
Anyways, time being linear and experiences being vast, today MY name finally appears, along with strip-creator Bob Weber Jr., on a LEGIT COMIC STRIP syndicated by @kingfeatures —> @slylockfoxcomic
Needless to say, I am pretty stoked.

above: the January 9, 2022 page

Bob tells The Daily Cartoonist about the collaboration:

I send Scott Sunday panel pencils for inking, giving him room to improvise. He will also send me pencil ideas for panels that I review, tinker with and send back for ink.

© King Features Syndicate

Community Comments

#1 Jim Garrett
@ 9:26 am

Oh, yeah, I noticed that desert scene a while back and thought, “wow, that’s different for Slylock”. Now, it makes sense. Thanks for the write-up.

#2 D. D. Degg
@ 10:23 am

Bob informs us that the desert scene is not Scott’s work,
so I have deleted that bit.

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