Roger Bradfield – RIP

Cartoonist, illustrator, and author Roger Bradfield has passed away.

Roger Martin (Jolly Roger) Bradfield
September 22, 1924 – December 31, 2021

“Jolly Roger” Bradfield rang out the old year by sailing off into the sunset, leaving a cast of colorful characters in his wake. From lavender lions to giants of different sizes. Goofy princes and sharp-witted princesses. With just one stroke of his paintbrush Roger had the power to transport us, inviting us into his vivid world of imagination where anything was possible.

Continuing from the obituary: 

Renowned for an illustrious career that would span an early stint with BBDO and General Mills – sketching a medley of characters including the famous Keebler elves, Trix rabbit, and Mr. Bubble – Roger parlayed his talents into the nationally syndicated comic strip, Dooley’s World, a host of beloved children’s books under the pen name, “Jolly Roger Bradfield,” and later, an ever-expanding watercolor collection dreamt up from his travels through Greece, Portugal, Mexico and Norway with his “sweet Joanie.”

A colorful character with limitless talent, Roger’s humor was perhaps his greatest gift. His grandfatherly advice? “Be good. But not too good. You gotta have a little fun once in a while.” As we close the chapter on an extraordinary life that spanned ninety-seven remarkable years, let us always remember the immeasurable gifts that Roger imparted.

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Roger Bradfield’s comic strip Dooley’s World ran from
September 11, 1972 (above) to September 2, 1978 (below).

A couple Sundays:

from 1975:



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  1. So sad to read this! His illustrations were so unique and wonderful! His book “There’s An Elephant In The Bathtub” was one of my childhood favorites. So much so that I saved it and read it to our daughters when they were little and I still have it and plan to read it to my future grandchildren.

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