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Ron Goulart, Comics Historian (Bibliography)

The Ron Goulart funeral home obituary is up.

Mr. Goulart who was born in Berkeley, California was a widely recognized science fiction and mystery writer as well as a comics historian.

This seems a good time for a bibliography of Ron’s comics and pulp history books.


Cheap Thrills (1972)


An Informal History of the Pulp Magazine (1973)
a mass market paperback version of Cheap Thrills


The Adventurous Decade (1975)



Comics, The Golden Age #1 – #5 (1984)


Comics The Golden Age:The History of DC Comics (1985)


Focus on Jack Cole (1986)


The Great Comic Book Artists (1986)


Ron Goulart’s Great History of Comic Books (1986)


The Dime Detectives (1988)


The Great Comic Book Artists, Volume 2 (1989)


The Encyclopedia of American Comics (1990)


Over 50 Years of American Comic Books (1991)


The Comic Book Reader’s Companion (1993)


The Funnies (1995)


Ron Goulart’s Comic History Magazine #1 – #8 (1996-1998)

A wonderful self-published fanzine that was a delight for us in the right place at the right time.



Comic Book Culture (2000)


Great American Comic Books (2001)


Comic Book Encyclopedia (2004)


The Adventurous Decade (revised, 2005)


Comic Book Culture (softcover, 2007)


Alex Raymond, An Artistic Journey (2016)


International Cheesecake (2020)


The above does not list Ron’s articles, essays, and introductions for other’s books and his innumerable contributions to fan and pro zines like Cartoonist PROfiles, The Comics Journal, Nemo, Comic Art, the Comics Buyer’s Guide, Comics Collector, Comics Features, 1506 Nix Nix, and many more.



A link to a bibliography of Ron’s fiction works can be had at the Locus obituary.

Community Comments

#1 Brian Fies
@ 6:36 pm

Thanks for this, DD. I knew Goulart had been part of the comics scene forever, but didn’t really realize how prolific he was until I saw so much of it laid out here (and this is only a portion, I’m sure). He had an unparalleled love for and knowledge of the medium, and by all accounts was happy to share his passion and knowledge.

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