It’s a Comic Strip Sunday for Comics Lovers

As Rex Morgan M.D. above shows it’s a good day to read The Funnies. The comics section Rex is reading carries what looks to be one of the many Blondie knock-offs that showed up over the years. And the purple of the other strip makes me think Terry Beatty had an itch to draw an old assignment.

Rex Morgan and The Phantom © King Features


Yes, as Mike mentioned, it is one fine day to page through the Sunday Funnies.

Horace © Samson; MAD character © EC Publications


The Jonathan Lemon, who came thiiiis close to a tribute in today’s Alley Oop logo,

Little Oop © UFS; Paleface © Beiersdorf

went all out in his Rabbits Against Magic,
with at least a dozen comic strip cats and dozens of other cartoon cats.

Commenters have identified almost all of them,

Pa and Kitty © KFS

though Kitty from Polly and Her Pals (at Catwoman’s right shoulder) seems to have eluded them.


© John Hambrock

Then The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee recalls the brilliant mind of Winsor McCay.




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