Anti-Vax Cartoonist Ben Garrison Turns on Trump

One of the most pro-Trump and militantly anti-vaccine cartoonists is disappointed with his leader over The Donald’s recent pro-vaccine messaging. Donald Trump has most famously admitted that he is vaccinated and got boosted in his Trump-O’Reilly Tour. Trump has also encouraged people to get vaccinated in a recent interview with Candace Owens.

Far right cartoonist Ben Garrison is frustrated with his political hero.

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Ben writes:

Trump believed in ‘America First’ and that remains important to me. Trump wanted to repair decades of damaged that was done to our country by the likes of Clinton, the Bushes, and Obama. Trump wasn’t a puppet of the globalist tyrants. So I continued to support him even though I was angry that he failed to pardon Julian Assange. He failed to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. He failed to drain the Deep State Swamp, but at least he made people realize that it existed. Trump’s accomplishments were myriad and impressive—especially considering the constant hostility he faced from the Democrats, the Deep State, and the anti-Trump propaganda media.

All that said, Trump is dead wrong about the vaccines. Yeah, I know he claims they should be voluntary, but that’s not enough. He should be denouncing those who are calling for mandatory vaccination. People should not have to choose between dangerous injections and a job. He should denounce vaccine passports and the slave masks. The push to get children vaccinated is completely disgusting. They are nearly immune from Covid and the clot shots could greatly harm the development of their immune systems—yet Trump says nothing. People are getting harmed, but corrupt Big Pharma needs billions of dollars more, so their deadly clot shots continue to be pushed. Even on Fox News. Even by Trump.

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One thought on “Anti-Vax Cartoonist Ben Garrison Turns on Trump

  1. It’s almost sad. Donnie wants some credit for the vaccine. But he’s trained his followers to believe lies. And he’s trained them to think it’s all a plot by the “Deep State.” And now it’s coming back to bite him.

    Next up: “Donald Trump is part of the Deep State!”

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