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Glx Sptzl Glaah! in the Funny Pages


Tuesday’s Hi and Lois put me in mind of Sugar and Spike.

© King Features Syndicate; DC Comics


© Harry Bliss; Marvel Entertainment

I don’t understand why Harry Bliss doesn’t give a nod to Jack Kirby for his occasional contributions.



Ink Stained Synchronicity

© Bill Griffith above; Tom Richmond below

On Wednesday Bill Griffith and Tom Richmond supplied a double dose of Ink Stained.


© Gahan Wilson



© John Hart Studios

The John Hart Studios is single-minded Sunday – no matter the time period.

A Doonesbury sneak-peek: 
© G. B. Trudeau


What the world needs now is more Dingbats!

Back in the day (1918):

These days it’s only Lalo Alcaraz, Jonathan Lemon, and Dave Whamond.


© Lalo Alcaraz; Jonathan Lemon; Dave Whamond


Community Comments

#1 Jonathan Lemon
@ 12:00 am

Wow! Dingbats alert! Thanks for the mention. I was on that same wavelength last year during lockdown:

Pat Oliphant still does his penguin of course. And no one did it better than Elzie Segar.


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