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Brookins is Back!!??


Pluggers is one of very few comics that announces that it is in rerun status (see above). So when the Gary Brookins‘ signature returned this week (below) I naturally looked for the “classic” box, but there was no such notice. Leaving me to ASS U ME that Gary is spelling Rick McKee.


What with editorial cartoons, the daily and Sunday Mt. Pleasant comic strip, and the daily and Sunday Pluggers panel Rick has a very full schedule and it wouldn’t surprise me that deadlines were getting tight. Getting the semi-retired Gary (the Sunday Shoe) to return to his old comic would be a natural action to give Rick some breathing room.

Gary has been known to return to his old hunting grounds.

For now we’ll guess that Gary’s return to Pluggers is temporary
and that Rick will be back plugging away sooner than later.

Community Comments

#1 Rick McKee
@ 1:21 pm

Gary very graciously stepped in to help me temporarily while I tended to two very ill elderly parents. He’s a wonderful guy.

#2 D. D. Degg
@ 2:42 pm

Thank you for the reasoning behind Gary back on Pluggers.
Wishing you and yours well.

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