The Mort Gerberg Interview

Well, I’ve led a complicated life. One of the reasons I’ve been doing all this stuff…I had a career before I really went into cartooning. At one point after I got out of the army I had a job writing publicity stuff for an agent, and then I worked for a newspaper reporter. I was a newspaper reporter. And after being a newspaper reporter, I got a job at Cosmopolitan in promotion. And after that the headhunter came and I got a big job at Ziff-Davis; all this time I was futzing around with trying to do cartoons. And some place in the middle of all that I was going to school – I wanted to go to journalism school. And I decided to try to do some cartoons. Maybe because I was working for Cosmopolitan I tried to selling some things to them. I think there might have been minor things – not minor things, spot things in Cosmopolitan, maybe in 1958.

Other people mark my beginning from when I was with Krassner, in The Realist, when I got back from Mexico in the 1960s…’61.

Michael Maslin talked to Mort Gerberg and then transcribed the interview for the rest of us to enjoy. Mort talks about his 80 year (so far) career as a cartoonist and about his fellows in the business.
It is a wonderful interview with a wonderful man.



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