Comic Strip Revue for First Week of August

We’ll start our look at the comic strips of the first week of August by going into the past.
Not as far as Mike, only to the last week of July.

© Gerry Rasmussen & Gary Delainey

Betty spent that last July week being peeved about a modern innovation, and people agreed:

I sympathize with Betty in the comic strip of the same name in her battle against people who insist on making their cars honk when they lock the doors, often disturbing her peace.

I do hope Betty succeeds in getting at least a few sound-terrorists to soften their approach and to either use the lock switch on the door or press the button just once so it does not honk. Then maybe she can work on making motorcycles quieter and she and I can both get some rest.


Dilbert spent a couple days this week discussing creationism.

© Scott Adams


They say it is better to not give the reader everything. So – this week’s Brevity and Free Range:

© Andrews McMeel Syndication; Bill Whitehead

and Bizarro and Ziggy (though Ziggy is a CIDU for me, am I missing something?):

© Bizarro Studios; Ziggy and Friends



© Mark Tatulli

Wednesday Lio had me thinking of Berni Wrightson.

© Berni Wrightson


Vintage Rip Kirby (1962) has me thinking of Cliff Merritt (ca. 1965). (Al Williamson connections.)

© King Features Syndicate; Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen


© Bill Griffith & Jay Kinney

Mark Trail has a sex life??!!

© North America Syndicate

About seven weeks ago the owners of Batman and Catwoman refused to allow them to perform a certain sex act for the third season of the adult-oriented HBO Max series Harley Quinn. That seems to have inspired Brooke McEldowney to see how far he could go down 9 Chickweed Lane in a family friendly newspaper.

© Brooke McEldowney


This week Over the Hedge burst out of its “postage-stamp-sized” environs.

© Michael Fry & T. Lewis


When last we saw Flattop (1944):

And then yesterday in Dick Tracy.

© Tribune Content Agency


Meta Mannequin on the Moon.

© Ian Boothby & Pia Guerra


I’m looking at wallpaper. Pooch Cafe and Prickly City (tomorrow) have suggestions.

© Paul Gilligan; Scott Stantis



3 thoughts on “Comic Strip Revue for First Week of August

  1. Don’t worry, no matter who writes and draws Mark Trail, Bill Ellis will always be there to prevent the sex.

  2. The Dilbert appears to be about a creator – God – not creationism. Creationism is the religious belief in the spontaneous appearance of species, as opposed to evolution. Most theists accept evolutionary theory, and are not creationists.

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